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Ewan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Daggerwing Group. Executives at client firms have benefited from Ewan’s practical, hands-on approach to helping leadership teams make rapid decisions, set priorities, and take action to fuel faster growth through accelerated customer and employee behavior change. Building on a career history in global executive management roles and entrepreneurship, Ewan applies a unique perspective on the challenges executives face in developing one coordinated approach to the drivers of business performance: delivering customer experience at an enterprise level, activating corporate culture to improve business results, realigning the organization’s structure and processes to adapt to constant change, and engaging and equipping employees to impact value delivered to customers.

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Executive Alignment Change Management Organizational Transformation Customer Experience Employer Experience Business Strategy

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Daggerwing Group is a Top-Ten rated global change consultancy*. We help Fortune 500 firms break the cycle of change management failure and do change right the first time. By helping leaders focus on the hardest part of change – people – Daggerwing Group makes change happen and makes it stick. Founded in 1999, Daggerwing Group works primarily with Fortune 500 firms, leveraging teams across North America, EMEA and APAC. We partner with clients on their greatest transformation challenges – from operating model changes and M&As, to major culture shifts and digital, marketing and CX transformations. Daggerwing Group helps clients do change right in four ways: 1. Achieve Executive alignment to reduce risk of change failure 2. Activate corporate culture to improve business results 3. Realign the organization to be agile in the face of change 4. Engage and equip employees to strengthen performance Daggerwing Group works with clients on the people side of change because organizations don’t change, people do. We use proven methods rooted in business principles and psychology to tap into why people do and don’t want to change. We use those human insights to design and execute a plan that shifts their actions, working end-to-end until our client’s people become drivers and advocates of change. Our global team of consultants are passionate, practical practitioners of change. Many of our people have specialized backgrounds in organizational and behavioral psychology. Others have backgrounds including corporate strategy, executive management, HR leadership, and marketing. Together we have a shared ambition to make the workplace a better, more inclusive place where everyone has a chance to voice their ideas and make meaningful change happen.

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