Danny Avershal

Danny Avershal is a freelance writer and video producer based in Los Angeles. He often writes about e-commerce, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

Justin Ballis

Justin has 20 years' experience working in the Australian media as a production editor, and is currently interested in the intersection of mental health, psychology, trauma, and mysticism.

Siobhan Brier

Siobhan Brier is a novelist, freelance writer, editor, and translator, and the manager of Inkless Writing Agency.

Travis Reill

Travis is an outdoor content writer, avid mountain biker, and former public school educator who homeschools his two children and gets his family outdoors as much as possible.

Edward Kost

Edward has been fascinated with the potency of written words since his humorous essay caused his teacher to leave the classroom in a fit of laughter in eighth grade.

Natasha Serafimovska

Freelance writer specializing in B2B tech, future of work, and executive leadership.

Rachel Paxton

Rachel has been a blogger, freelance writer, and successful online business owner for more than 25 years. She has a BA in Humanities and business from Washington State University.

Kemi Aremu

Kemi is a freelance writer, product marketing manager, and teller of compelling stories that inspire action.

Winifred hMensa

Winifred is a Ghanaian freelance writer, a certified nonconformist, and chief evangelist for creative expression against all odds.

Sydney Chamberlain

Sydney specializes in informational, research-driven projects that often tie into her passion for travel, wellness, and technology.

Maggie Olson

Maggie Olson is a freelance writer, editor, and PR strategist specializing in B2B. She lives in Akron, Ohio.

Nick Saraev

Nick is a freelance writer with a penchant for deconstructing the culture war. He's been featured in Popular Mechanics and Apple News, and has founded several companies in e-commerce and AI.

Jenn Elwood

Jenn Elwood is a contributor for Strixus, focusing on topics that bridge the gap between management and employees (with the occasional psychobabble thrown in).

Wanda Thibodeaux

Wanda Marie Thibodeaux is a freelance writer, editor, and podcast host based in Eagan, MN.

Kyle Pare

Kyle Pare has been a freelance writer for two years and a communications officer in the military for nine.

Christian Brown

Christian Brown is the Co-Founder and CMO of Glewee, where Brands and Creators connect, collaborate, and execute brand deals.

Bob Fabien Zinga

Head of Information Security at Directly, leading and managing a cross-functional annually audited Information Security Program and Information Warfare Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Bruce Caven

Blue Mountain Best
Bruce Caven is the Chief Executive Officer for Blue Mountain Best, a luxury coffee producer in Jamaica.

Bryce McKinley

Valor Capital
Bryce leads streamlining business development operations, improving internal program execution, and generating expansion exponentially at Valor Capital.

Aric Nissen

Restaurant Technologies
As Chief Marketing Officer for Restaurant Technologies, Aric Nissen has over 25 years experience leading customer growth, business performance, and digital innovation initiatives

Betka Kapusta

BL Bio Lab
Betka Kapusta is a private label supplement manufacturing expert and serves as co-founder of BL Bio Lab

Seyi Tinubu

Loatsad Promomedia
Seyi Tinubu is an entrepreneur, father, and husband. He is the CEO of an out-of-home advertising company, Loatsad Promomedia Ltd

Mark Siegel

The Delphian School
Mark Siegel is the Assistant Headmaster at The Delphian School

Riggs Eckelberry

Founder and CEO of the innovative water technology company, OriginClear, which is delivering water solutions for industrial customers worldwide

Joe Cecala

Dream Exchange
Joe is Founder & CEO of Dream Exchange and an internationally recognized expert in the area of capital markets & small company capital formation and structuring

Rod Proto

Armada Waste
Seasoned executive in the waste industry with over 30 years of experience in running and expanding companies throughout the world – from the U.S. to Europe to the Middle East

Meg Epstein

CA South Development
Meg Epstein is a commercial real-estate developer & visionary based in Nashville. She is Founder & CEO of CA South Development

Marcel Gemme

Addicted.org & Drugrehab.ca
Founder of the two largest addiction websites in Canada and the US, Addicted.org and Drugrehab.ca. Expert in big data structures, lead generation and marketing technology designed to help others

Dr. David Minkoff

LifeWorks Wellness Center
Dr. David Minkoff is a Physician, Author, and Lecturer. He is Co-founder of LifeWorks Wellness Center & Founder of BodyHealth.