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Vijay Cherukuri

CEO at Infolob

About Vijay Cherukuri
Vijay Cherukuri brings more than 17 years of database and big data experience in the information technology domain to Infolob. He has successfully led transformative business operations and is a customer-centric executive and expert in creating and expanding profitable organizations, expanding globally, and optimizing and scaling businesses through rapid transformation. Before establishing Infolob Solutions in 2009, he worked in principal positions as a consultant and employee with Fortune 1000 companies, including Oracle, Google, Walmart, Bank Of America, Xerox, Texas Instruments, International Paper, Fidelity Investments, Sabre Systems, and QLogic, as well as the U.S. public sector. Vijay has a master’s degree in human resource management from the Indian Institute of Cost and Management Studies & Research, Pune, and a master’s in business administration from IMAC, Pune.

Areas of Expertise

Growth Mindset Strategic Planning Data EBITDA Turnaround Operational Excellence Risk Management Tactical Planning M&A

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Infolob Solutions, Inc. is a prosperous information technology consulting organization dedicated to customer satisfaction via flawless digital transformation and admirably managed services. Founded in 2009 as a certified small business and MBE specializing in Oracle technologies, Infolob acquired Oracle Platinum Partner status in 2012, Cloud Standard Partner status in 2019, and ISO 9001-2015 certification in 2021.
While building a world-class Oracle practice, the Infolob leadership team has created a powerhouse next-gen digital technology company in the areas of middleware, full-stack and open source, security, design thinking, and user experience over the last decade. Infolob's 225+ remarkable IT talent pool is serving public and private sector organizations across the U.S. diligently right this moment.

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