Victoria Maitland

Executive Author
Head of People, North America CI&T
ABOUT Victoria Maitland
Passionate, collaborative, high-growth leader with over twenty years experience envisioning, building and driving innovation within organizations. Possess an agile, intuitive and personal leadership style capable of creating values-based cultures where people are driven by purpose to come to work every day and empowered and happy to contribute to making a better tomorrow.

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy HR Strategy Leadership Development Organizational Psychology DE&I


CI&T is your end-to-end digital transformation partner. As a digital native, we bring a 25-year track record of accelerating business impact through complete and scalable digital solutions. With a global presence of 3,000 professionals in strategy, research, data science, design and engineering, we unlock top-line growth, improve customer experience and drive operational efficiency.
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The Secret to Success: Putting People First

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