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Trish Duggan is an accomplished artist, an experienced entrepreneur, a human rights advocate, and a dedicated philanthropist who has committed much of her life and work toward improving the lives of human beings globally.

Born into a military family in Arlington, Virginia, Ms. Duggan spent the early years of her childhood in Guam. It was here she first developed a love for swimming, the ocean, and sunsets. This would later inspire much of her artwork as well as her love of surfing.

Ms. Duggan is an American artist who is working to change the history of art within her lifetime through her promotion, support, and participation in the contemporary glass art movement. Having created thousands of her own art pieces over the years in addition to collecting art from other talented artists around the globe, Ms. Duggan chose to sponsor the creation of Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, FL. The purpose of Imagine Museum is to uplift, inspire, and educate our culture through this gorgeous new medium of contemporary glass art and inspire future generations of artists to create new vistas while building a more beautiful world.

The love of art has taken her around the globe, having visited places across South America, China, India, Europe, Nepal, and Japan. Ms. Duggan loves to travel and greatly enjoys learning how other cultures differ from her own while celebrating the beauty of humanity in each. She is a board member of the upcoming Museum for Peace in Costa Rica. Ms. Duggan is also in the process of planning an International Museum that will feature modern glass art sculptures from around the world.

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Art Business Investments Education Human Rights Philanthropy

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