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Shelby Carlson

COO at AdCellerant

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Shelby Carlson is an accomplished technology executive with 14 years of experience leading organizations, developing products and platforms, and growing companies from start-up to maturity. Her extensive experience in digital marketing and technology makes her a subject matter expert in guiding and growing product and engineering teams, as well as expertise in products such as programmatic, native, OTT, video, search advertising, and email marketing.

In her executive career, Shelby evolved MediaNews group from a print media company to a multi-platform media company developing over 264 mobile applications and web user experiences, and developed over 500+ social media pages. After leaving MediaNews Group, Shelby Co-Founded AdCellerant to help make quality digital marketing accessible to every business. As the COO of AdCellerant, Ms. Carlson led development efforts in products tied to Geo-Fencing, proprietary internal operational tools, an operations team handling over 20,000 digital marketing campaigns per year, and much more. Her leadership has been recognized by the Denver Business Journal, where she has been recognized twice as a “Top Woman in Business.” Her team has been recognized by The Globees, Stevies, and Business Intelligence Group as being the best in the industry. Her department has also been recognized by CoBiz Magazine as being the top Professional Services company in Colorado.

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Coaching Vision Innovation Digital Marketing

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