Seyi Tinubu

Seyi Tinubu is an entrepreneur, father, and husband to the most loving wife, Layal Tinubu. He is the CEO of an out-of-home advertising company, Loatsad Promomedia Ltd, Patron to STL Polo Team, and Member of the Board of several organisations. With impacting the lives of the rising youth in Nigeria at heart, Seyi and his wife created the Noella Tinubu Foundation to empower, provide mentorship, and support families & business start-ups.

Areas of Expertise

Marketing Advertising Startups African Markets
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Marketing’s Hottest Trend in Nigeria is a 100-Year-Old Innovation

Companies now spend more on billboards than on television and radio combined — but how can a legacy form of advertising whose origins date back to ancient Egypt be in its prime in the middle of the digital era?

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