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Paul Smith

CEO at City FM

About Paul Smith

Paul Smith proudly serves City Facilities Management (US), LLC as Chief Executive Officer.

With 35 years of corporate experience in International Business, Corporate Law and Finance and over 25 of those years in the Facilities Maintenance sector, Paul is committed to ensuring that privately owned businesses deliver only the best service and value on a sustainable basis for long-term customers who seek the same outputs.

Paul’s previous background in corporate law and finance has provided him with a unique, empathetic perspective in which he appreciates the value of an investment and understands the needs and capabilities of both sides: the customers and City US.

During his tenure as CEO for City US, Paul’s focus has been on building teams internally that can support growing relationships and work together to solve challenges with external customers who withstand unforeseen market demands. He strongly believes that the more that is done to build a solid foundation, the more flexibility that can be provided and a shared understanding of impact.

Paul is a father to two wonderful young adults, loves sports and traveling and is “slightly obsessed” with Celtic FC.

Paul is continually honored to work for a company with values that have stood firm for nearly 40 years, and excitedly looks towards the future as City US’ presence and impact grows.

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