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Nichoel Brooks

General Manager, Optiv Federal at Optiv

About Nichoel Brooks

Recently retired from the US Army as a Colonel after 32 years as an Intelligence Officer, Nichoel “Nycki” Brooks is now General Manager of Optiv Federal.

A results-oriented strategic leader, Nycki is also an effective cross-cultural communicator, and an advocate for entrepreneurial concepts.

Nycki has over 30 years of experience across different areas within the Department of Defense (DoD) leading complex intelligence operations and illuminating adversary networks leveraging analytics and integrative thinking skills, building and connecting communities of interest and developing defense systems and policies.

Prior to joining Optiv, Nycki served as the Director of Intelligence and Security for Army Futures Command focusing on Cyber and supply chain, protection of Army IP, and the synchronization of intelligence ecosystems. She has held 6 commander positions in the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command where she led and 1800+ person organization focusing on transforming the Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center and advancing counterintelligence concepts such as Insider Threat, Technology Protection, and operations in the cyber domain across the DoD.

Areas of Expertise

Organizational Leadership Innovation Organizational Transformation Intelligence Analysis Strategic Thinking

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