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Nic De Bonis

Chief Executive Officer at Workyard

About Nic De Bonis

Nic De Bonis is the CEO of Workyard, an online workforce management platform designed specifically to help construction companies more effectively manage their labor and costs.

Nic has spent the past 6 years working with thousands of construction owners to build an easier way to track crew hours, manage costs, and ultimately increase profits. In addition, the platform addresses the pain of hiring skilled workers through an on-demand service that connects companies with trusted and skilled workers.

Nic has a proven track record of being a world-class technology builder. Before Workyard, Nic led Digital Channels at Commbank, where he created flagship products such as the Commbank App and MyWealth investment platform used by over 5 million customers.

Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship Construction Technology Operations

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Workyard streamlines managing your jobs & crew, saving you hours of tedious admin so you can focus on growing your business. Track hours worked, site progress and dollars spent on each of your jobs. Simplify how you pay W2 and 1099 workers. All with our easy to use software built for crews of all sizes ... read more

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