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Morgan Horst

Executive Editor at Massive Alliance

About Morgan Horst

Morgan Horst is an Executive Editor at Massive Alliance, where she serves as the middlewoman between executive influencers and the editorial teams of top-tier and niche publications. She is also a writer, freelance editor for university students and researchers around the world, and published fiction author whose debut short story collection was released in December 2020.

Morgan has worked in both editing and writing roles for newspapers, magazines, websites, and her own book. These experiences have given her expertise in multiple areas of writing and editing including journalism, technical writing, and fiction.

Areas of Expertise

Creative Writing Editing Proofreading Thought Leadership

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Massive is a global service agency providing unique digital solutions. Our focus is to be one step ahead of an impending threat or crisis through real-time intelligence, online public relations, fortification of brand messaging, global risk analysts and program execution. Backed by formidable digital partnerships in data intelligence, in-house forensics, developers, data & cyber law firms, corporate intelligence and security; Massive is the complete offensive and defensive digital solution for brands. Massive services many global clients within banks, gas & oil, energy, health, insurance, retail and private.

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