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Mario Ciabarra

Founder & CEO at Quantum Metric

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Mario Ciabarra, Founder and CEO of Quantum Metric, is a computer scientist and tech entrepreneur who’s passionate about pairing world-class teams with large-scale technology challenges. He believes in 3 cultural attributes that are foundational to a winning team: Passion, Persistence, and Integrity. Mario founded Quantum Metric to help organizations align with a single version of customer-defined and quantified truth. Previously founding and exiting an APM startup which solved where enterprise applications could be improved, he saw the natural next step was expanding organizational alignment around the entire product lifecycle.

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Digital products have to change faster than ever. But many companies aren’t built to move that fast. Data is siloed, teams take too long to prioritize, and impact is hard to quantify. That’s why we built Quantum Metric, a platform for Continuous Product Design, which is a fundamentally new approach that helps organizations deliver digital products that have greater impact, with speed and confidence.

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