Kendra Estey

Executive Author
VP of Executive Branding, Writer, & Editor Massive Alliance
ABOUT Kendra Estey

Kendra Estey is VP of Executive Branding at Massive Alliance, acting as the direct link between executive influencers and the editorial team, overseeing all aspects of delivery, including that the content produced not only meets Massive’s extremely high standards of quality but also gets placed on top-tier and niche publications according to every clients’ unique needs.

With over 10 years of experience in professional and academic writing, her versatility has allowed her to take on projects across industries and around the world, for writing and editing expertise that includes marketing and sales copy, ghostwriting, journalism, publishing, playwriting, fiction, and overall content strategy.

Areas of Expertise


Massive Alliance

Massive is a global service agency providing unique digital solutions. Our focus is to be one step ahead of an impending threat or crisis through real-time intelligence, online public relations, fortification of brand messaging, global risk analysts and program execution … read more

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