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Dr Jeffrey Alan Cronk is a nationally recognized expert and thought leader on spinal ligament injuries, which are the number one cause of pain and disability worldwide. Spinal Kinetics LLC is a National Medical Company that Provides CRMA (Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis) to doctors that are testing for the severity and location of their patient’s spinal ligament injuries. Biocybernetics Inc. provides education for doctors and lawyers in the Spinal Ligament Injury Space. We also provide one of the largest injury platforms for consumer education in the country.

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Spinal Kinetics

Spinal Kinetics LLC has developed a technology called CRMA® or Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, which is an advanced x-ray measurement technology that allows Spinal Kinetics’ Board Certified Medical Radiologists to accurately measure the exact abnormal intersegmental motion problems that occur with a spinal ligament injury which causes spinal instability … read more

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