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Jeff Terry

CEO at GE Healthcare

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Jeff Terry founded and leads the Clinical Command Center business of GE Healthcare. His team’s software helps thousands of caregivers in hundreds of hospitals to do their work each day.  Jeff’s work has been widely featured and published. Follow his “Real Time Healthcare Podcast” to learn more.

Areas of Expertise

Healthcare Software Digital Transformation Strategy Change

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Clinical Command Centers, part of the Edison ecosystem, is an organically created business unit within GE Healthcare. Its purpose is to serve caregivers. The Command Center team strives for a culture of humility, kindness, commitment to excellence, inclusion, and innovation. The team is organized in four pillars which work cross-functionally to deliver for clients: consulting, analytics consulting, software engineering, and data integration. The software development teams are located near Chicago, Illinois, and Bristol, UK. More than anything the Command Center team is motivated to serve caregivers.

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