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Clayton Roth

SVP of Global Revenue at AuthenticID

About Clayton Roth

As SVP of Global Revenues at AuthenticID, Clayton leads AuthenticID’s Sales and Marketing teams to help clients stop all forms of global fraud, lower fraud loss costs, and drive ROI. He is also responsible for building global marketing strategies and campaigns to drive enterprise engagement and growth. Authentic ID’s groundbreaking technology has already been adopted by several fortune 100 companies around the world.

Areas of Expertise

Innovation Digital Transformation Identity Proofing/KYC Customer Experience Regulatory

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Like our clients, AuthenticID is very selective in who we work with. Due to the highly sensitive nature of our work — and the extreme toll that we take upon organized-crime-sponsored fraud — we operate under the radar with utmost discretion. Crime syndicates rely upon stealth, ingenuity and new tactics applied at extreme velocities. AuthenticID continually stays ahead of these forces using the same strategies. The result does more than infuriate organized crime, it convinces criminals to move on to softer targets and often results in arrests.

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