Brook Zimmatore

Brook Zimmatore

CEO & Co-Founder, Massive Alliance

As co-founder and CEO of Massive Alliance, Brook is known for enhancing and protecting the reputations of some of the world’s best known brands. Drawing on 17 years of experience, Brook personally advises C-suite executives, board members and key stakeholders on implementing effective solutions to deter and mitigate adverse events. From cyber security breaches to leadership changes, regulatory investigations and contentious litigation, Brook expertly guides clients to build proactive solutions to minimize impact and remove the aftermath of a crisis or disinformation to reestablish the most valuable asset: trust.

Brook grew Massive Alliance organically from a small London firm to a robust, 35+ employee reputation management and international PR company, now actively servicing clients in 19 countries.

Areas of Expertise

Brand Protection Reputation Management Threat Intelligence Crisis Management Executive Branding Public Relations

Even Saints Need Reputation Management

Within hours, a brand’s reputation can be smeared beyond repair. It doesn’t matter if what was said was true or false, legal or illegal.