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Blair Cohen

Founder & President at AuthenticID

About Blair Cohen

Blair Cohen is an identity-proofing expert and serial technology entrepreneur. His long history in the background screening industry showed him first-hand the ways in which identity authentication is broken and how much it costs companies and consumers alike. Driven by his experience, Blair focused on developing a vastly improved method for authenticating identity. This culminated in the creation of AuthenticID, a disruptive and transformational AI-driven fraud prevention and identity technology company that reduces fraud costs 50-75% within 12-24 months by authenticating identity with 99%+ accuracy in seconds.

As Founder & President of AuthenticID, Blair has been staying under the radar of fraudsters while guiding the development of AuthenticID’s groundbreaking technology, which has already been adopted by:

  • 10 of the Fortune 100
  • 3 of the top US banks
  • 2 of the 3 credit reporting agencies
  • 3 of the top 5 US telecom companies
  • Several international banks
  • And many other companies around the world

AuthenticID is not Blair’s first groundbreaking enterprise. In 1989, he founded InfoMart and transformed the background screening industry. InfoMart revolutionized this sector by producing the highest quality and fastest automated background reports (at a lower cost) and remains a recognized industry leader in the space. In 1999, Blair founded the Association of Consumer Reporting Agencies that preempted government regulation and served as a catalyst in moving the background screening industry toward self-regulation.

Blair is a recognized thought-leader who speaks on the topics of identity and technology. He has a knack for anticipating the industry’s needs and then building systems that increase productivity and efficiency, while significantly reducing costs, saving time, and improving outcomes.

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Digital Transformation Technology Thought Leadership

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AuthenticID’s disruptive and cutting-edge, AI-driven solution quickly, accurately, and securely reproduces real-world identity verification so that companies can be assured of who they are conducting business with, strengthen underwriting, reduce the losses associated with fraud, and streamline onerous customer onboarding procedures, leading to higher conversion rates. This system uses cutting edge fused machine learning algorithms and AI leveraging neural networks and state-of-the-art computer vision to identify:
  • If a photo and face don’t match
  • If an ID is a fake
  • If a name OR a face has been associated with suspicious activity
AuthenticID’s 99%+ accuracy rate ranks it as a leader in quality of identity verification, while returning results in seconds so that customer onboarding can be streamlined and seamless, increasing conversion rates by double-digit percentages with no increases in marketing spend. AuthenticID clients enjoy an average ROI of 1,000-to-1 and hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud loss savings per company.

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