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ABOUT Allison Igwe

Allison Igwe is the Executive Branding Manager at Massive Alliance, functioning as a key component for content output. Having served as a copywriter, content writer, ghostwriter, freelance writer, and online PR specialist, she has over 7 years of professional experience in writing and editing across multiple industries. A European trained professional chef, Allison also specializes in the fields of culinary, food, and beverage.

Areas of Expertise

Executive Branding Editing Content Marketing Thought Leadership

Massive Alliance

Massive is a global service agency providing unique digital solutions.

Our focus is to be one step ahead of an impending threat or crisis through real-time intelligence, online public relations, fortification of brand messaging, global risk analysts and program execution. Backed by formidable digital partnerships in data intelligence, in-house forensics, developers, data & cyber law firms, corporate intelligence and security; Massive is the complete offensive and defensive digital solution for brands. Massive services many global clients within banks, gas & oil, energy, health, insurance, retail and private.

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