Jon Kirkegaard

President / CEO
ABOUT Jon Kirkegaard

Mr Kirkegaard is a seasoned veteran of engineering, strategy management consulting, leading supply chain solutions and holder of numerous patents in and around supply chain planning and exection.

Formal education includes BS from Kansas State in Industrial / Manufacturing engineering and masters in Finance  from University of Texas at Dallas.   Work experiences ranges from extensive mechanical engineering, construction engineering, strategy management consulting, information technology, founders of several high tech supply chain solutions firm.

For past 20 years Mr. Kirkegaard has led DCRA Inc. a company he founded that patents and deploys competitive advantaged supply chain technology.  DCRA Inc. also has 2 manufacturing divisions specializing in classic cars and classic car systems including specialized air conditioning systems.   The DCRA automotive divisions business models follow the low working capital high inventory turns build to order models DCRA has developed for clients

Over past several years DCRA has taken its multi-decade decentralized technology approach and has been scaling on and across  various Blockchain platforms.   Our collaborative manufacturing solutions lead the market in S&OP supply chain !

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