The High Street Group

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6th Floor, Stockbridge House,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2HJ

Driven by the desire to build for the future and an insatiable appetite for entrepreneurial spirit and integrity, The High Street Group is proud to have become the award winning body of companies it is today.

Founded by Gary Forrest in 2006, The High Street Group is a family of companies successfully growing in three key sectors; Private Rental Schemes, Property Development & Construction, and Hospitality.

A combination of our passion, financial strength, and far-reaching relationships has allowed us to expand from Newcastle upon Tyne to Birmingham, London, Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore, with over 350 employees now operating in the UK alone.

With flagship projects like Newcastle’s tallest skyscraper, a portfolio of exclusive residential developments, and a collection of instantly recognisable hospitality brands, our significant growth and business expertise will secure our vision to become a £3 billion business within three years.

As part of the Group, High Street Residential (now the largest Build to Rent company in the UK) boasts a pipeline in excess of £1.5 billion in strategically identified areas across the UK, with ambitions to develop communities and homes where people love to live. We are trusted by renowned institutions such as Invesco, Grainger and Cording Real Estate.

The Group has recently acquired First Penthouse and we are planning our first projects on rooftops in London, and we are excited by the opportunities presented by this purchase.

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