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Headquarters: 50 S La Salle St, Chicago, IL 60603, US

FlexShares are sponsored and managed by Northern Trust, one of the world’s leading investment firms and a premier index manager.

FlexShares leverages this global expertise in asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management. Our investment solutions framework focuses on the fundamental investor needs of growing assets, managing risk, providing liquidity and generating income. Our principled focus on long-term investor needs serves as a solid foundation for the portfolio construction process.

By using FlexShares, investors gain all the traditional benefits of ETFs: transparency, flexibility, tax efficiency and generally lower costs than mutual funds. But they also can take advantage of “flexible indexing,” our proprietary approach to delivering index solutions. Flexible Indexing is a comprehensive approach that spans the entire process, from index concept, design, construction and development to the fund’s ongoing management.

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